TUSA VBenefits of TUSA V:

Turn-up technology evolves once again upholding pure and simple engineered design. Introducing the TUSA® V, a fully automatic reel turn-up system developed to increase profits, performance, and production for the demanding applications of today and tomorrow.

In an industry where personnel are limited, margins low, and production costs high, one missed turn-up affects the bottom line like never before. This is the inspiration behind TUSA® V offering the best value and return on investment in challenging times.

♦ A single 31mm thick 6061 aluminum plate with CNC accuracy assures uniform band path with precision alignment.

♦ Incorporates the modular design that has made our TUSA Systems simple and easy to access all components.

♦ No hidden mechanisms allowing operators to access tending side separate to the drive side.

♦ All drives are common to a single timing belt.

♦ Patented “loop-less” design. ‡

♦ Required length of paperband is taken from supply roll and ribbon wound prior to loading and turn-up.

♦ ‡De-curls, re-aligns and protects band.

♦ ‡Designed for effortless and quick loading.

♦ ‡Uni-directional unwind provides for smooth and controlled band delivery during turn-up.

♦ ‡Eliminates the shortcomings and speed limitations of traditional “loop” design.

♦ Applicator transfers repulpable pressure sensitive adhesive directly to paperband from release liner with a single linear motion.

‡♦ Programmable adhesive length as required.

‡♦ Self lock adhesion detention plate for ease of re-loading.

‡♦ Self adjusting tension ‡State-of-the-art optical adhesive detection.

‡♦ Nip Acquisition Detection Algorithm (NADA) provides for more precision timing in changing reel conditions.

♦ Dynamic Reel Speed Selection ensures proper charge length and sequencing.

♦ Adjustable tension control for varying speeds and basis weight.

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