Tissue Turn-Up




No moving parts under the web or near the nip.The TUSA III works on most grades and is highly adaptable to space limitations because of its compact design.

♦ Sealed Stainless Steel dispenser cabinet.

♦ Modular design allows for ease of routine maintenance.

♦ Programmable Logic Controller with EEPROMS.

♦ Cross Machine Track Assembly: A patented guideway composed of an extruded apron cross machine beam, track housing, and dial profile UHMW polyethylene guideway that delivers the paperband to the nip and holds even tension as the paperband cuts and spools.

♦ Dispenser Assembly:  The sealed stainless steel dispenser cabinet contains an integrated, compact enclosure for both the electrical and mechanical components that apply pressure sensitive adhesive tape and feed a pre-selected length of paperband.

♦ Paperband Supply Assembly: The Supply Assembly consists of a disposable single coil cartridge containing the repulpable paperband coil and cartridge holder.  Paperband can be positioned above, below, or behind the dispenser assembly.

♦ Operator Interface Terminal (OIT): The programmable OIT provides operational status messages and manual controls through a standard keypad and digital display.

♦ Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): The Sieman's PLC is programmable with EEPROMS and features 190 hour super capacitor technology that powers the PLC to hold variables safely during power down time.  Internal EEPROM holds ladder logic permanently, meaning no power is required and ladder logic never needs reprogramming.

♦ Exit Point Assembly and Guideway Apron: Brake and guideway tension during turn-up while brake replacement is engineered to optimize turn-up and minimized paperband consumption.  The guideway apron protects paperband from dirt and moisture.


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